Kawaii Evgenia Medvedeva Loves Japan, Anime, Yuzu etc Евгения Медведева エフゲニア・メドベージェワ #セーラームーン #ロシア

This video was broadcast by Japanese TV during GPF. I tried to summarize this video in English below.

Evgenia Medvedeva, the reigning world champion, won 8 times in 9 competitions last a year. Her strong performance and lovely smile have attracted to many people.

One of thing what Medvedeva loves is JAPAN.
Japanese TV crews visited to Medvedeva’s house in Russia. she shows her room to them. It is so lovely to see all those toys and goods from Japan all around her room.

Medvedeva said she watched all Hayao Miyazaki’s(Ghibli) Anime.
Soon she started interested in Japanese anime after she watched Ghibli Movies.She also mentions herself as “Anime Otaku” in her Twitter’s profile.

Medvedeva’s most favorite Anime is Sailor Moon.

Kawaii!! Amazingly she can say the famose phrase “Tsukini Kawatte Oshioki yo” in Japanse! (Sound so perfect!)

She is not only a cute sweet girl, she is also a talented painter! here are some pictures she drew characters from studio Ghibuli. Amazing!

Medvedeva is a friend of Japanese young star Wakaba Higuchi. They exchange snacks and Candie’s.

She is also a big fan of Yuzuru Hanyu. The reason is.. Yuzu is such a determined skater and He is eager for perfect performance each time.

Medvedeva started to skate at age of 3, because her mother was also used be a competitive figure skater. but she was forced to leave the club at age of 8 because she was thought she hasn’t got any potential as a figure skater.
but her mum never gave up, she made a plea to Eteri Tutberidze if her daughter could keep staying in the club. Although Medvedeva was allowed to stay in the end, Eteri still thought there was no future in Medvedeva’s skating at that time.
Since then Medvedeva worked so hard, step by step. Her hard work paid off she became a world champion.

Perhaps Medvedeva wouldn’t be a child prodigy type of skater. but she is definitely hard worker.

*Kawaii means so cute, so lovely, so pretty

I don’t own this video.
Original video is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2-WOm7KEbU



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